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  • What course modules make up the ITIL 4 certification scheme?
    Foundation (FND) Level: This certification is a prerequisite to progress through the certification scheme accordingly. Master Level: There are 3 x primary designations: Managing Professional (MP) Strategic Leader (SL) Practice Manager (PM) Students who achieve all 3 designations (MP, SL and PM) will automatically become certified as ITIL Master. Managing Professional (MP) Level: To achieve the MP designation, students must become certified in modules; create deliver and support (CDS), drive stakeholder value (DSV), high velocity IT (HVIT) and direct plan and improve (DPI). Note: DPI also applies to the SL designation, and CDS also applies to the PM designation. So, if this designation has been achieved, then there is already a contribution to the SL designation (with DPI) and a contribution to the PM designation (with CDS). Strategic Leader (SL) Level: To achieve the SL designation, students must become certified in course modules; direct plan and improve (DPI) and digital and IT strategy (DITS). Note: DPI also applies to the MP designation. So, if this designation has been achieved, then there is already a contribution to the MP designation (with DPI). Practice Manager (PM) Level: To achieve the PM designation, students must become certified in either, one the three practice categories, monitor support and fulfil (MSF), plan implement and control (PIC), or collaborate, assure and improve (CAI). Note: each of these categories contain 5 x practices. Alternatively, students can become certified in any 5 of the practices from the 15 x practices across the 3 PM categories. In both cases, students must in addition, also achieve the CDS certification. Note: CDS also applies to the MP designation. So, if this designation has been achieved, then there is already a contribution to the MP designation (with CDS). Extension Modules The below 4 x "Extension Modules" are complimentary certifications: Managing & acquiring cloud services Sustainability in digital IT Business relationship management IT asset management Note: these extension modules do not have any bearing on the MP, SL, PM or Master designations. In addition, ITIL foundation is not a prerequisite to undertake the managing & acquiring cloud services, and sustainability in digital IT extension modules. However, ITIL foundation is a prerequisite to undertake the business relationship management and IT asset management extension modules. See "Certification Scheme"
  • How to become ITIL 4 Managing Professional (MP) certified?
    Candidates must obtain certification in: ITIL 4 Foundation (FND) Create Deliver and Support (CDS) Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV) High Velocity IT (HVIT) Direct Plan and Improve (DPI) See "Certification Scheme"
  • How to become ITIL 4 Strategic Leader (SL) certified?
    Candidates must obtain certification in: ITIL 4 Foundation (FND) Direct Plan and Improve (DPI) Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) See "Certification Scheme"
  • How to become ITIL 4 Practice Manager (PM) certified?
    Candidates must obtain certification in: ITIL 4 Foundation (FND) 5 of the 15 x published in-demand practices Create Deliver and Support (CDS) See "Certification Scheme"
  • How to become ITIL 4 Master certified?
    Candidates must obtain certification in all three designations: Managing Professional (MP) Strategic Leader (SL) Practice Manager (PM) See "Certification Scheme"
  • Do candidates have to undertake training with a training provider to take the exam?
    Axelos (the owners of ITIL) has not mandated training for ITIL 4 Foundation, so candidates are able to use their own resources with a view of taking the exam although candidates are encouraged to attend an accredited training course to ensure accurate understanding. For all other modules however, e.g. those forming the Managing Professional (MP), Strategic Leader (SL), and Practice Manager (PM) designates, undertaking training with an accredited training provider is mandatory in order to take the exam.
  • Can I purchase the official ITIL core publications?
    There is no longer a need to purchase the official core guidance publications in view that these are now provided to students (as an eBook) as part of exam orders. E.g., when exams are purchased, the respective eBook is made available for access via the student's PeopleCert Account. At the same time students can purchase other books directly from within their PeopleCert Account accordingly.
  • Is there a bridging exam from ITIL 3 Foundation to ITIL 4 Foundation?
    No, there is not a bridging exam from ITIL 3 Foundation to ITIL 4 Foundation.
  • What certification course should I take after Foundation?
    Create, Deliver and Support (CDS): Part of the specialist Managing Professional (MP) designation, this certification course is aimed at those practitioners and leaders who design and manage the delivery and support of IT-enabled digital products and services. Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV): Part of the specialist Managing Professional (MP) designation, this certification course is aimed at those IT professionals who are responsible for managing and interfacing with stakeholders, and fostering relationships to gain value realisation. High Velocity IT (HVIT): Part of the specialist Managing Professional (MP) designation, this certification course is aimed at those practitioners working within or towards the delivery of digital products and services. HVIT will help anyone involved in digital services or working on digital transformation projects; and those working or migrating to Lean, Agile or DevOps ways of working or highly automated environments. Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI):Part of both the specialist Managing Professional (MP) and strategist Strategic Leader (SL) designations - this is a universal module. This certification course is aimed at those IT and Digital managers of all levels involved in aligning work to organisational strategy or developing a continually improving team or service. DPI will help anyone planning work, improving products and managing organisational change, and those responsible with interfacing with governance, risk and compliance. Digital and IT Strategy (DITS): Part of the strategist Strategic Leader (SL) designation, this certification course is aimed at those business directors, heads of department, aspiring C-suite professional and other business leaders across the organisation who are looking for guidance that will help them craft a digital vision, shape IT and business strategy and drive organisational change.
  • How long are online exam vouchers valid for?
    Online exam vouchers are valid for 12-months from the date of issue, and resit (retake) exam vouchers are valid for 6-months following the first exam. Exam resits operate as follows; in the event of exam failure, if a resit has been included as part of your purchase, PeopleCert will automatically issue another online exam voucher within 2-working days of taking the first exam. For clarification, we include exam resits as part of the price.
  • Are online exam vouchers transferable?
    Yes, unused online exam vouchers are transferable within the respective validity period. Note: exam resits (re-takes) however, are not transferable on their own (in isolation), they must accompany the primary exam voucher.
  • Can exams be taken in paper-based format?
    In February 2022 PeopleCert stopped paper-based exams however, PeopleCert have since announced that they are to reintroduce paper-based exams in 2023. Paper-based exams are typically taken in the classroom (after course completion) with an onsite invigilator present.
  • What are the requirements when taking online exams?
    Students taking online exams will require a computer with webcam facility (internal webcams are suitable) and internet connection. At the time of taking the exam, students will be requested to show their photographic ID to the camera (e.g., passport or driving licence etc.,) and will be prompted by the remote proctor (invigilator) to fully rotate their computer (webcam) so that the online proctor can view the room accordingly. Students will be monitored throughout the exam. Prior to joining the exam, students will be prompted to download an app (ExamShield) which is a quick and easy download (full instructions will be provided). This app is designed to temporarily lock-down the computer in order to prevent accessing other resources during the exam. Please note, ideally, it is preferred to use your own PC/Laptop device and network (WIFI) in view that you will not encounter any issues using "ExamShield". Using a corporate device (e.g., works laptop) or network however, will typically cause problems in view that such devices incorporate restrictions preventing you from downloading/using applications unknown to the company. In this case you will need to consult your systems admin team in advance with a view of seeking permission to use "ExamShield". Some corporate organisations make available "blank devices" for the purpose of such events.
  • When and where can online exams be taken?
    Exams can be taken from any location (e.g. home) and on a preferred day and time. Normally exams can be booked as short as 48-hours in advance, and sometimes sooner than that.
  • When will I receive my online exam voucher?
    We typically issue online exam vouchers approximately 7 days prior to course commencement. If a course booking is made less than 7-days prior to course commencement then exam vouchers will be issued within 12-hours from booking. The only exception to this rule is where the customer specifically requests for vouchers to be issued earlier. In such an event we would inform the customer should such a request effect our refund policy.
  • How are exam resits (retakes) managed?
    If an exam resit has been included/purchased, in the event of exam failure, PeopleCert (the official Axelos examination institute) automatically issue another voucher within 2-working days from the first exam attempt. Resits are valid for 6-months from the date of issue, and are in online format as standard.
  • What are the system requirements to take the exam online?
    You will be required to download an application "ExamShield" in order to take your exam. This is a temporary download which prevents you from using other resources during the exam. Please also note the following: You can check out the system requirements for windows here or for mac here Pre-test: Your can pre-test your computer in advance of taking the exam here Corporate Computers: If you will be using a computer provided by your employer or taking your online exam in the workplace (e.g., on a corporate network), it is advisable to consult with your systems administrator in advance. This is to check that there are no firewall settings preventing you from downloading "Exam Shield" and/or to request temporary access to allow "ExamShield" to be downloaded accordingly.
  • What if I am unable to download "ExamShield" becuase of antivirus or firewall settings"
    Examshield is also available free through Microsoft Store. This means there should not be any security restrictions that could effect the ExamShield experience as this is downloaded from a widely trusted source.
  • Are the ITIL 4 Managing Professional (MP) and Strategic Leader (SL) exams open book?
    No, the Managing Professional and Strategic Leader modules are all closed book exams.
  • What are the prerequisites for taking a ITIL 4 Managing Professional (MP) and/or Strategic Leader (SL) exam?
    Firstly, there is no MP or SL exam, these are designates. This means that students who become certified in all of the respective MP modules automatically become MP certified. The same for SL, if students become certified in all SL modules they automatically become SL certified. It should be noted however, that ITIL 4 Foundation is a prerequisite to progress through either the MP or SL certification modules. See the ITIL 4 certification scheme
  • How can I change my existing online exam booking?
    Simply log onto your PeopleCert account and select "Overview", find the exam you wish to reschedule and select "Change Date" which is displayed under "My Exams". Please note: PeopleCert will impose a charge if rescheduling exams less than 48-hours before the exam start time, if however 48-hours or more then no charge will be imposed.
  • Is there a charge for changing an existing online exam booking?
    If you provide PeopleCert with at least 48-hours' notice then no charges will be imposed. However, PeopleCert will impose a change if changes relate to less than 48-hours' notice. This is becuase online proctors will have already been commited and engaged.
  • How are eBooks accessed?
    You will need your exam voucher code to access the official Axelos® Core Guidance eBook. Details how to access the eBook is shown below. This is the actual book therefore, offering an excellent additional learning resource. Step 1: As soon as you log into your PeopleCert Account you will be presented with a Welcome Screen. In this screen, you will have the option to navigate amongst several options but more importantly, you will be able to enter (redeem) your voucher code in the respective field. Step 2: As soon as a voucher code is submitted, a confirmation screen will appear, verifying the action and asking you to choose the language of preference for the eBook. Step 3: Upon completion of the ‘redeem process’, you will be presented with a new screen with a notification red dot’ showing that there is a new eBook available in your library. On this page, you will also have the option to proceed with scheduling your exam. Step 4: In the new “My eBooks” tab you will be one click away from accessing the eBook in the PeopleCert branded VitalSource library for Online or Offline reading, notetaking, highlighting and many more functionalities
  • What is a self-paced eLearning course?
    Our self-paced eLearning courses are designed in MP4-video instructor-presented format, inclusive of online mock exams etc.,and come complete with the official Axelos/PeopleCert online exam and resit (retake) and not to mention, access to the official Axelos eBook. Our self-paced eLearning courses are designed for those students who prefer to set their own learning pace and therefore, access the respective course within the agreed access period on-demand 24x7. Students access their respective eLearning course via a learning management system (LMS) and therefore, provided with their own personal portal login.
  • What is an Online (Live) course?
    Online (Live) courses are delivered live by an accredited ITIL trainer (instructor) via an online (virtual classroom) platform. Students attend class from the comfort of their own preferred location. Exams are taken online after course completion at a time and day of the student's choosing.
  • What is an Onsite (Classroom) course?
    Onsite (Classroom) courses are hosted at the customer's own premises (training centre). The trainer (instructor) will arrive to site to deliver the course accordingly complete with student courseware etc.
  • How soon will I get access to my self-paced eLearning course?
    Following purchase, it can take up to 48-hours to process however, typically it is much sooner than that, and in some cases almost instant. We will email you a link and personal login details to access the respective course. If you do not recieve your access details within 48-hours from purchase (make sure to first check your junk mail) then please do not hesiate to contact us at
  • When will I recieve my exam voucher?
    If you purchased a self-paced eLearning course then your exam voucher will be issued at the same time access to the course is provided. If you purchased an online live course then exam vouchers are normally issued approx., 7 days prior to course commencement. If you do not receive your exam voucher within the expected time period then please do not hesitate to contact us at:
  • How can the pricing be so competitive compared with other providers?
    Firstly, we (ITSM Assist) do not carry the typical overheads which many training organisations incur, such as costs associated with managing dedicated training centres, etc., Therefore, with the exception of costs associated with the trainer's (instructor's) time and student course materials/exams etc., our cost recovery is significantly less compared with most. Secondly, being an Axelos/PeopleCert accredited training organisation (ATO) we purchase exams through PeopleCert based on an exclusive partner scheme. This is completely different to a member of the public purchasing from PeopleCert directly. Thirdly, we channel our time purely into ITIL certification courses and related-activities. For us, this is far more cost-efficient compared with trying to provide everything to everyone. In other words, we do believe that we promote ourselves as being a master of ITIL, as opposed to being 'a jack of all trades and a master of none' as to speak!
  • Who are Axelos and PeopleCert?
    Dated 25th June 2021: PeopleCert International Limited ("PeopleCert") a global leader in exam delivery and certification in profressional and language skills, have just announced that they have agreed to acquire the entire share capitial of Axelos Limited ("Axelos"). Axelos was a joint venture company created in 2013 by the Cabinet Office on behalf of her Majesty's Government (HMG) in the United Kingdom and Capita plc., to manage, develop and grow the portfolio of best practice methodologies in project, programme and portfolio management, and IT and digitially enabled services, including PRINCE2 and ITIL.
  • How can I establish peace of mind?
    Whilst there are many ways to obtain levels of assurance in terms of quality and reliability, thus overall peace of mind, simple checks (highlighted below) will help: We, (ITSM Assist) are an Axelos/PeopleCert ITIL accredited training organisation and can be found on the Axelos/PeopleCert partner register. All our materials are pre-approved by Axelos/PeopleCert. ITSM Assist is a privately-owned limited company, registered in England and Wales (registration 07618216) and can be found at "Companies House." Our impressive client base demonstrates credibility and capability to both prospective organisations and individual students. A selection of our clients be viewed on our website, all of whom have given their permission for us to publish their logo's accordingly. Prior to making a purchase you can either see our student reviews here
  • Can payment be made directly by bank transfer instead of via the website?
    Yes, payment can be made directly by bank transfer. Here are the details to where online payments can be made (please make sure to include a reference to what the payment relates to, or contact us first to obtain such a reference): Bank: Natwest Sort Code: 53 61 11 Account Number: 61634530
  • Can we be invoiced on payment terms as opposed to paying in advance online?
    Yes, however this option is only available to company organisations. If you represent a company organisation contact us at:
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