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Improving Capability Cost Effectively!

Cost Reduction


After ITIL® class, ensuring a sound return on investment (ROI) will require implementing and embedding such principles, methodologies, and practices organisation-wide. If however, the approach is with a siloed mindset then it is unlikely the expected ROI will be realised.


Simply put, we need a structure to not only to support implementing these principles, methodologies and practices but also to become the custodian of such, and in turn represent what would be seen as the centre of excellence for IT service management (ITSM). This structure would be known as the service management office (SMO).

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We recommend introducing a service management office (SMO). This does not necessarily need to be a physical office but one which will act as a parliament regarding ITSM related matters, and the channel to report such matters, and seen as the company's ITSM centre of excellence.

We recommend assigning selected personnel as servant leaders. Such personnel do not need to have any hierarchical power, e.g., a manager does not by default become a servant leader. Furthermore, a servant leader is not necessarily a dedicated 

full-time role. Servant leaders focus on the needs of the organisation not just their team, servant leaders serve’ and support’ people by ensuring they have the right resources and support, and think and operate cross-functionally. In this case, a servant leader would become like a member of parliament, a representative of the company’s ITSM operational excellence, a servant leader would report to the SMO in addition to their day-to-day functional line manager.

The below provides a brief visual of our recommendation:

People Make Things Happen!

People Capability
Example ITSM SMO Structure

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For Company Organisations

ITIL® 4 Overview

ITIL 4 Framework
For Company Organisations

Your personnel, whether HR, Finance, L&D or IT specialists want to get a better understanding of the ITIL 4 framework and not to mention, the value of ITIL 4 in the workplace.

We can help make that happen!

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a mutually convenient time to present online the ITIL 4 framework and its values in the workplace - FREE OF CHARGE.

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You want to evaluate our credibility, and how we can become of value? When implementing ITSM best practice within the workplace you want get ideas in terms of approach?

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Membership Scheme

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Exceptional Value!

ITIL® certification training will inevitably form part of implementing ITSM within the workplace. The challenge is making this cost efficient.

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​Our Membership Scheme provides the opportunity to make such training extremely affordable. Check out pricing details here. 

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