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ITIL Online Subscription - Significant Financial Savings! 

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Online (Annual) Subscription - UK time zone

What is the online subscription service?

Designed for business organisations so that they can book students (employees) on our prescheduled (UK time zone) ITIL® online live certification courses as and when required, at an agreed reduced (discounted) price per student. We offer 2 x online subscription services, i) Online Foundation and, ii) Online Upper-Level.



The purpose is provide business organisations with an extremely affordable and flexible ITIL learning and development (L&D) platform. This is so that these organisations can put any number of students through the ITIL certification scheme during the subscription period as and when required, without the pressure of placing numbers of students on any one course in order to meet volume discounts.


Why do we offer this?

Because today’s modern business world presents an environment that is volatile (constantly changing and unpredictable), uncertain (cannot be relied upon), complex (groups of related/interactive things), and ambiguous (more than one interpretation/unclear), business strategies must therefore, structure for agility. Equally, business strategies must cascade into IT service management (ITSM)-related strategies because today, ITSM is the fibre of every business activity!

To realise these strategies, agility combined with a service mindset must be adopted organisation-wide, not in parts. Meaning, in this case, people adopting ITIL practices, principles and methodologies in one’s and two’s (e.g., in a siloed approach) is not enough, everyone must collaborate and therefore, such ITSM practices, principles and methodologies must become part of the fibre of the business regardless of people’s specialism(s). It is indeed people that makes things happen!

So, when we consider ITIL, we want everyone to be Foundation literate, and many to become ITIL Masters. Unfortunately, affordability limits this aspiration unless however, we can make this aspiration affordable!


What are the benefits?


1. Significant financial savings over a 12-month period.

Calculating the inclusion of the respective annual subscription fee, placing a total of 6 x students on our prescheduled online live ITIL courses over a 12-month period, benefits an immediate financial saving compared with our normal pricing model. However, the more students the more significant the financial saving becomes, thus reducing cost constraints (see section ‘Pricing Comparisons’).

2. Positively contributes to an organisation’s service strategy.

It is a collaborative effort that achieves such a strategy, our ITIL Online Live Annual Subscription services are designed to            promote such a collaborative effort.

​3. Promotes a strong commitment to ‘investment in people’.

From a learning and development perspective, employees will use knowledge to make them more agile, and in turn have a        greater sense of purpose!

4. The best of both worlds

In the event where you can place 10 x students on the same course date then you have the option, if preferred, to make it exclusive, just for your company only (applicable to both online live foundation, and online live upper-level subscriptions). The pricing works the same, e.g., the agreed discounted subscription price per student however, if 10 x or more students attend the same course date, if preferred, we will make the course exclusive just for your employees or authorised representatives only.


This way you get the best of both worlds, the opportunity to make it exclusive whist at the same time always benefiting the same discount per student, regardless of numbers of students, e.g., whether you make it exclusive with 10 x students attending, or 1 x student attending a prescheduled course - it’s a win/win!

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