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Hire Trainer Online - any time zone

Make it 'Exclusive' and hire the trainer online - any time zone

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For quick clarification:

We have a perfect solution for those business organisations who operate within time zones further afield to UK/Europe, simply put, Any time zone! And, prefer to make the course Exclusive' to their organisation only!


Benefit the following:


  • ​The flexibility to customise dates, time start and finish to suit (based a minimum of 6-hours active online trainer/instructor course delivery per day).

  • Make courses exclusive for your employees or authorised representatives only.

  • Place as many students as required (up to a maximum of 15 x students per course session). Note: Exceeding 15 x students per course session can potentially reduce course quality from a student perspective.

  • Elect the preferred online platform. Note: as standard we use Cisco WebEx as our online platform however, if preferred, then you can elect to use your own (in-house) online platform e.g., MS Teams, Zoom, etc.,

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