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Make ITIL Certification Training Exclusive To Your Organisation! 

Exclusive Courses

Based on 5 x students, the overall cost would equate to the same cost compared with the same number of students attending various prescheduled online live public courses. However, these are not ‘Exclusive’ courses, therefore, assuming these students are to attend the same course date you have the option to make it ‘Exclusive’.


More than 5 x students attending becomes financially far more cost-efficient compared with students attending a prescheduled online live courses. The more more students attending, the more cost-efficient it becomes! That said, exceeding 18 x students per course is not recommended in view that from the student's perspective this can reduce course quality.


The “Instructor-led” price is fixed regardless of number of students attending. Our invoices will show the fixed price accordingly, along with the number of students attending charged respectively.


  • We invoice following course completion based on payment due on or before 30-days from the date of the invoice.

  • The customer can cancel and/or swap students at any time prior to course commencement without incurring any penalty charges. The customer will only be charged for those students joining at the point of course commencement.

  • All courses include per student; online exam + free exam resit (retake), access to the offical Axelos® eBook and student courseware respectively.

  • Exam vouchers are valid for 12-months from the date of issue and resits are valid for 6-months following the first exam.

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