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A company organisation who invests in ITSM training should expect to achieve value in the workplace

Following any committed investment in ITSM training we would expect outputs such as employees' becoming certified and understanding best practice principles and methodologies, etc., however, many company organisations fail to achieve any value in the workplace as a result of such an investment. This is because these company organisations struggle to adopt a learning development (L&D) programme that supports transforming outputs into outcomes with a view of creating the intended business value.

Mapping outputs with expected outcomes

For clarification, an output is a tangible or intangible deliverable which a service provider delivers, whereas an outcome is the result a service consumer wants and where value is created. With this in mind, once the outputs have been delivered (e.g. via a certified training course), the company organisation (the consumer) has a responsibility to manage the resources required to achieve the expected outcomes (value).

  • An intended outcome could be to reduce costs and improve efficiencies through the introduction of self-service capabilities. To achieve this, one contributing workplace resource/responsibility would be the composition and production of a service catalogue for target consumer groups.

  • Another intended outcome could be to realise the investments committed to IT.  To achieve this, one contributing workplace resource/responsibility would be the composition and production of one or more service level agreements (SLAs) for target consumer groups.


Embedding the initiative

The most common cause where initiatives fail is due to an inability to manage the momentum and embed (institutionalise) the committed initiatives, and as a result we can expect to see:


  • People reverting-back to old ways

  • New starters placing too much focus on mimicking individuals rather than following an embedded service value system (SVS).


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