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​What is the value in sharing ideas and work methods?

Exchanging an idea or method offers a greater return than exchanging money! People love ideas and learning about new methods, these are the top contributors to co-creating value and progression. Therefore, building a community of new ideas, methods and techniques undoubtedly creates new and improved capabilities for everyone.


  1. Connections: We will pass on details of anyone wanting to connect with you therefore, you will have the choice to make contact directly or not. This way more meaningful and productive relationships will be formed.

  2. Personal details: We will not display your full name or email address or any other personal information relating to the idea or method published. We will only display your unique ID which will comprise of the first letter of your first name and first letter of your last name, followed by a unique numerical reference, e.g. if the name is "David Smith" then the unique reference will be DS followed by a unique numerical reference (e.g. 001). This is so you can easily recognise your published ideas/methods. When you submit your first idea we will email you confirmation of your unique ID accordingly.

  3. Composition: When composing your idea or method we recommend keeping it as short and to the point as possible to keep readers interested - avoid turning this into an article. If we edit the content we will email you a draft for approval before publishing. You can submit as many ideas and/or methods as you want.

  4. Topics: Ideas or methods can relate to a wide area however, we would prefer for these to typically fall within the theme of business and the workplace environment, particularly relating to areas such as leadership, organisational structure, culture, communication, practices, technology, workflow, learning and development, customer and service experience, supplier and consumer relationships etc.,

  5. Comments: There will no option for readers to publish comments other than submitting "likes" and not to mention, readers will see the number of views. Any comments however, will be submitted by email directly to us at

  6. Publishing: We cannot guarantee that your idea or method will be published in view that these may be duplicates or may not fit within the preferred theme. In such an event, we would always inform you if we elect not to publish providing the reason why?


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