• Trevor Wilson

We want to create a model that unlocks long term value

Updated: May 12, 2019

There is no doubt that we are second to none when it comes to ITIL certification training, our impressive client list demonstrates this, students who have attended our classes and/or taken our ITIL 4 eLearning courses know and say this. So, our product delivery is without doubt on the money’ as to speak.

My aim now is to create a model that promotes a degree of change regarding how such training providers package and price their services. To do this I intend to take the lead based on 4 key areas:

Ensuring that accredited ITIL training is affordable for everyone

E.g., students who want to develop their career but faced with funding the cost of training themselves. Such opportunities to learn and develop should not be made available to just the privileged. There are plenty of shining stars out there but struggle because they are not using the preferred business language/terminology, or their CV doesn’t incorporate the preferred labels.

Helping students to deliver value in the workplace

E.g. supporting students to deliver a positive return for their respective employers or prospective employers after undertaking such training. Without incurring cost, we can help put things into context.

Ensuring company organisations get the best value when engaging ITSM Assist onsite to deliver classroom-based courses .

E.g. to not only ensure exceptionally competitive pricing but to almost give assurance of a 100% student exam pass rate. Our new approach offers all dimensions, meaning that one single course delivery is designed to suit everyone.

Helping corporate organisations to keep the momentum going

E.g. help by making such accredited training a transparent resource from within the respective learning and development (L&D) function without cost being an issue.

We have already kick-started the first objective, “to make accredited ITIL training affordable for everyone”.

For example; We have now published our ITIL 4 foundation certification training on Vimeo “by the lesson”, for just £1.33 per lesson based on 7-days access or the full course for just £19.99 based on 30-days access. Visit:

Introducing our eLearning course by the lesson allows students to undertake the best e-course in the market in the most affordable way and/or or give students a platform to jump in and out of lessons accordingly. There are no ties, just pay as you go. Students will learn the full course syllabus and will be fully equipped to pass the exam with 100% credibility.

Whilst we have also kick-started the other objectives, I want to keep these articles light and brief so, I will update you on each one in turn soon. Alternatively, visit:

Trevor Wilson