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The opportunity for ITIL® 3 Experts to bridge to ITIL 4 Managing Professional (MP) will end!

It won't be long until ITIL 4 Managing Professional (MP) Transition ends therefore, those with ITIL 3 Expert certification who have not yet transitioned should at least start thinking about doing so soon!


Those students who currently hold ITIL 3 Expert Certification and those who currently hold a minimum of 17 x ITIL 3 credits are eligible to transition (bridge) to ITIL 4 MP.


Axelos® announced back in Oct 2019 that the opportunity to bridge to ITIL 4 MP will have a shelf life of approx.12-months, indicating the MP Transition exam will end Oct 2020. Whilst Axelos have not yet announced the actual date when this will retire, and will give one month advance notice, we do know that the opportunity to bridge will end at some point.


Those who miss the opportunity to bridge will have to start over with ITIL 4 FND and then work through the intermediates (CDS, DPI, DSV and HVIT) accordingly. To add to this, we also know that ITIL 3 is soon to be discontinued, probably around the same time MP Transition finishes.

You can check out our MP Transition Online Course Dates/Pricing here Including Exam Plus Free Exam Resit (Retake).

Feel free to contact me directly at: should you require further information or clarification.

Trevor Wilson


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