TC0002: Shift working

Covering a 24-hour operation typically covers 3 x 8-hour shifts, e.g., 10 am - 6 pm, 6 pm - 2 am and 2 am – 10 am. This means staff work 8-hour days, 5-days every week which can be exhausting especially when faced with shift turnarounds. A good idea is to extend the working day to 12-hours based on two daily shifts, e.g., 8 am – 8pm, and 8pm – 8am. Okay this may appear to be more exhausting however, this operation will give staff more days off each week, e.g., Wk. 1 Mon-Thurs 8pm – 8am, Wk. 2 Mon-Thurs 8am – 8pm, Wk. 3 Fri – Sun 8 am – 8pm and Wk. 4 Fri – Sun 8pm – 8am. In summary, staff will work 4-days Wk1. and Wk2. and only 3-days Wk. 3 and Wk. 4, and have more quality time to spend with the family.

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