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ITIL® v4 Service Value Streams

When people enquire how ITIL® v4 differs to ITIL v3 it’s is not surprising to see responses relating to the service value system, the service value chain and the four dimensions of service management and not to mention, the guiding principles. However, in my opinion, these responses do not satisfy those wanting to establish whether ITIL v4 will have a greater business impact compared to v3/211?

As an Axelos®/PeopleCert® accredited ITIL trainer there is no body more passionate and committed than myself when it comes to helping students to become ITIL certified however, that said, I am equally passionate and committed to helping students understand how ITIL can have a positive business impact. I would like to think this is what distinguishes my course delivery from many.

So, if I was wearing a business hat, I would want my staff to deliver a great service in a cost efficient manner, I would want my staff to be creative and express themselves, I would want my staff to help me compete in the modern world and I would want my staff to contribute to value.

Wearing a business hat; I am thinking how significant is ITIL v4 to my business compared with ITIL v3/211? Is ITIL v4 going to make my operation leaner, more efficient, and improve consistency (quality)? Is ITIL v4 going to allow me to offer a more customised and flexible service? Is ITIL v4 going to help me introduce higher levels of collaborative working, and in turn increase customer satisfaction? Therefore, if I am to invest in my staff becoming ITIL 4 certified will this help me achieve what I want, if so then I am in, otherwise it all just sounds superficial and textbook.

Putting my ITIL 4 hat on, whilst I could pick several key topic areas which would contribute to satisfying these questions/requirements let me promote one which in my opinion is fundamental.

Service value streams:

I could talk for half a day on service value streams alone that’s how significant this is, in fact so much that I will be soon launching an eLearning workshop on service value streams. Service value streams is what makes ITIL v4 far more practical compared with ITIL v3/211. Whilst ITIL v3/211 served a purpose, today, in comparison feels textbook.

Service value streams promote agility, make it easier to identify waste, cycle and lead times. Service value streams promote workflow and a culture of collaborative working across all teams based on best practice methodologies.

I am more than happy visiting site (free of charge) with a view of presenting the topic of service value streams to a group of interested parties. This would typically be a 2-hour presentation and include the key differences between ITIL v3 and ITIL v4.

If you are interested then don’t hesitate to email me at: and I will respond accordingly. If you prefer for me to visit site in order to deliver a full ITIL v4 certification course then visit:

Trevor Wilson


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