• Trevor Wilson

ITIL® 4 Certification Training, Online (virtual classroom) vs Onsite (physical classroom)?

As an accredited Axelos®/PeopleCert® ITIL trainer, if I were asked to give my comments regarding online vs onsite prior to COVID lockdown, I would have probably favoured onsite. This is because most of my course deliveries were onsite with a small handful being online. I suppose this will be the same with most trainers.

However, now being able to truly compare the two, I am genuinely struggling to favour onsite, let me briefly explain why in bullet point format for speed and ease:

In favour of online:

  • No hassle or pressure travelling to and from the venue

  • No need for parking, relying on public transport or overnight stays

  • No need to travel the night before course commencement

  • No classroom issues, e.g. seating, lighting, space, heating, coffee/teas etc.

  • Students are far more focussed on the course topic due to reduced classroom distraction, i.e. classroom banter

  • Interaction in terms of questions/answers is just the same compared with onsite

In favour of onsite:

Whilst the physical classroom provides a better platform for classroom banter this really contributes pretty much zero to student learning. In fact, while classroom banter can be fun, some students can find it annoying and distracting, especially if there are big characters in the classroom, and others can find it intimidating.

So, while I feel embarrassed for not being able to put forward something concrete to support the physical classroom I am really struggling. Okay, I think it is fair to say that some students do not have the ideal environment to work/study remotely but that is about it!

So, in my opinion,

Online ITIL certification training offers far more value and benefits to both individuals and company organisations compared with onsite. To such a degree, when we really do get back to normal life, I am unsure if onsite training will have any legs, I fear that onsite may be pretty much done and finished! If not, things will have to be done differently going forward.

And, whatever our personal preference, lets be really honest, the real ingredient is the trainer delivering the course regardless of whether online or onsite. A trainer who is clear verbally, a trainer who is not monotone, a trainer who students feel totally comfortable and at ease with, a trainer who students can relate to and a trainer who knows the topic and can bring the topic to real-life is where the real value sits!

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Trevor Wilson