• Trevor Wilson

Do We Really Understand The ITIL® 4 Four-dimension model?

Do we really understand the ITIL® 4 four-dimension model?

I highlight this because a recent discussion suggested to me that some may not be fully appreciative of its purpose.

So, without regurgitating from the textbook.

An organisation claims to have designed and implemented the practice "Incident Management", to find that the only element which they had designed and implemented was the processes associated with this practice. So, the design and implementation was in fact incomplete, and therefore, not surprising if this organisation fails to realise the full benefits following this design and implementation.

Let’s briefly walk-through the four-dimension model, thus taking a holistic view.

1. Organisations and people; this design failed to truly consider the roles and responsibilities, systems of authority, skills and competencies including governance. Neither had this design considered a collaborative working culture, or how work should be managed e.g. swarming if applicable?

2. Value streams and processes; Whilst this design indeed considered the process in question, it failed to design the relevant value stream. Meaning, we now have an absence of a visual workflow, hand-offs and potential bottlenecks etc. E.g. what does the journey look like? All we have is a bundle of activities. Therefore, the value stream will just develop organically on the shop floor as to speak' and remain invisible and unnoticed.

3. Partners and suppliers; This design failed to consider the interfaces including data interfaces with the 3rd parties involved and, internal suppliers. Neither did this design consider the type of supplier relationships (e.g. basic, collaborative or partner), nor did the design give thought to service integration and management (SIAM) - if applicable.

4. Information and technology; This design did not properly consider the relationships with the information and technology in existence, particularly in terms of results-based reporting (if feasible), or had it considered the potential of its existing technologies such as exploiting its machine learning capabilities etc.

So, in conclusion, the job was not even a quarter done if that makes sense.

Hope this provides more clarity regarding the four dimensions of service management for those who were unclear.

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