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Managing Professional Transition

Foundation (FND)

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Foundation level is to certify that each student gains the knowledge of the terminology, structure and basic concepts of ITIL 4, and is a prerequisite to progress through the ITIL 4 certification scheme.

Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI)

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Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI) helps to align product and service management with modern business requirements; drive successful organisational transformation; and embed continual improvement into an organisation’s behaviour at every level.

Dates, course detail and pricing here


Managing Professional Transition is a bridging course and exam for those delegates who hold ITIL v3 Expert/MALC or a minimum of 17 x ITIL v3 credits, or alternatively 15 x ITIL v3 credits plus ITIL 4 Foundation..

ITIL 4 Certificaton Scheme

Create, Deliver and Support (CDS)

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Create, Deliver and Support (CDS) addresses the cultural and team management aspects of product and service management; provides an overview of the tools and technologies which support service management; and demonstrates how to integrate management practices into end-to-end value streams.

Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV)

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Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV) provides guidance on establishing, maintaining, and developing effective service relationships at appropriate levels. It leads organisations on a service journey in their service provider and consumer roles, supporting effective interaction and communication. 

High Velocity IT (HVIT)

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High-velocity IT addresses the specifics of digital transformation and helps organisations to evolve towards a convergence of business and technology, or to establish a new digital organisation.

Digital and IT Strategy (DITS)

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Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) enables IT and digital leaders to influence and drive strategic business decisions, by helping them to create an appropriate digital strategy aligned to the wider business goals.

Certification scheme explained here