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People make things happen!

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People Wanting Get into, Or Back into Employment!

This is a completely free of charge service for all parties (the prospective employer and employee) with zero obligation, and equally with zero financial benefit to us. Our primary focus is to help people get back into IT service related work and not to mention, to also help school leavers/graduates find their first IT job! Therefore, this initiative relates only to those people who are currently unemployed 


So, the people we register are those who are currently unemployed as a result of redundancy, end of contract, relocation, personal choice/circumstances, etc., and school leavers/graduates looking for their first job. As previously highlighted, we take this approach as our way of contributing to helping people get into, or back into employment! 

    For Candidates

  1. Complete our registration form here

  2. We will confirm if your registration request has been successful.

  3. If your registration is successful we will inform you as and when a prospective employer requests to see CVs matching your competencies/attributes. We will not disclose your identity until you give us permission to forward your CV accordingly.

  4. If you give us permission to forward your CV, once the prospective employer has viewed your CV, they will choose whether to contact you directly or not. Other than issuing you with a voucher code (see next point), upon forwarding your CV to the prospective employer this is where our involvement ends. 

  5. If you subsequently become employed by one of our prospective employers, we will issue you with a voucher code which your prospective employer or yourself, can choose to redeem, entitling you to attend any ITIL® 4 certification course (foundation or upper-level) at the trade price of just the exam (we make zero profit). We will inform the prospective employer of this offer because we know that such a certification can enhance your application and/or contribute to enhancing value in the workplace.


       Note: Candidates must be unemployed at the point of registration.

    For Employers                          

  1. Completely free of charge, no fees, no follow-ups, and no obligation whatsoever.

  2. Submit the skills, competencies and qualifications which you require here 

  3. We will match your requirements with our available candidates (all of whom are unemployed).

  4. We will then first check with the candidate(s) in question and send their CV(s) over to you accordingly.

  5. At this stage, we will not disclose your contact information, just the name of the company in question.

  6. There will be no expectation or obligation to respond and there will be zero follow-ups on our behalf. The rest is up to you in terms of whether you choose to contact the candidate(s) directly or not.

  7. This is where our involvement ends. As previously highlighted, this is a completely free of charge service (no fees or obligations whatsoever).

       Note: Prospective employers must submit requests using company related emails.

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