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People make things happen!

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Online Subscription

Significant financial savings!

Provides business organisations with an extremely affordable ITIL® learning and development (L&D) platform, with a view of promoting many employees through the ITIL certification scheme accordingly.


Pay by Invoice
After Course Delivery   

30-day invoicing terms 

Our corporate customers submit purchase orders (POs) and pay 30-days after course delivery. Therefore, if we are not on your approved supplier list then contact us and we will provide the necessary information.

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Hire Trainer Online

Any time zone!  

Hire the Trainer/Instructor to deliver an Online Live ITIL certification course, and make it exclusive to your organisation only based on any time zone. Choose your start and finish times and brand it as yours!

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At Your Premises 

We come to you

You can make courses exclusive on your site. The trainer/instructor will come to you based on charges inclusive of all travel and accommodation. We can provide a full and accurate quotation upon request.  

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Micro Learning

Save time and money!

Designed for those who want to implement ITSM best practice in the workplace. Based on 24x7 on-demand access without the need to consume time in the classroom, and taking a walking the talk approach!

Coming Soon
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ITSM Specialists

ITIL certified

If you require an ITSM specialist for a temporary assignment (contract work), then you should include us as part of your search. With the support of a trusted partner we can provide reliable and professional ITSM specialists.

People make things happen!

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