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Become A Reseller

If you believe that our Axelos®/PeopleCert® ITIL® certification

courses will compliment your own service portfolio and

and not to mention, contribute to your revenue/profit stream

then you should request an online meeting to discuss further.

How We Can Contribute?

We provide ITIL certification courses complete with student

exams delivered as either:

  • Onsite (classroom) taking place on your own site or at an

       alternative preferred location.

  • Online (live) delivered as either a closed course (for

       your customers/students only), or as part of our 

       pre-scheduled advertised online courses.

  • eLearning (self-paced) where customers have 24 x7 on-demand access within an agreed access period,

If you are interested in reselling our products/services then contact us with a view to arranging an initial online meeting with our Director of ITSM Services (Trevor Wilson). This way we can open a dialogue where you can evaluate trust and capability, whilst at the same time understand our proposed reseller model.

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eLearning Samples.