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Candidates Wanting to Get into, Or Back into Work!

Before you complete the request form you will need to agree to the following terms:


  1. This is a free service to both parties (the prospective employer and yourself - the candidate). The purpose and spirit of this service is to help you find IT-related employment by making your competencies known to our prospective employers. We (ITSM Assist) are an accredited ITIL® training organisation and provider of ITSM services, we are not a recruitment agency. Therefore, in the event a prospective employer elects to contact you, the rest is up to you and the prospective employer, e.g., with the exception of issuing voucher codes (explained within these terms), this is where our involvement and responsibility ends.

  2. You must be unemployed at the point of submitting your request to register.

  3. If you become employed following registration you should contact updating your current status.

  4. Prospective employers are likely to request evidence that you are able to work in the country which the employer is based/operates.

  5. Before we accept your registration, if required, we may request an online meeting should we need to seek further clarification on any matter. If such an event is necessary, it is in your interest otherwise we will be unable to process your registration.

  6. Your name and personal details (including your CV) will not be published on our website therefore, prospective employers will not know your identity.

  7. If a prospective employer wants to see CVs matching your competencies/attributes we will contact you seeking your permission to forward your CV onto the prospective employer accordingly. If you give us permission to forward your CV to the prospective employer, once we have forwarded your CV this is where our involvement and responsibility ends.

  8. In the event of seeking permission to forward your CV to the prospective employer, other than revealing the prospective employer's company name, will we not reveal any contact details regarding the prospective employer, such details will only become known should the prospective employer elect to contact you directly. 

  9. We will not proactively canvass prospective employers on your behalf, or provide status updates, and neither will we follow-up (with yourself or the prospective employer) any communication that may have taken place. In simple terms, if a prospective employer chooses not to pursue your application we will respect their decision and where relevant their privacy.

  10. If you subsequently become employed by one of our prospective employers we will issue you with a voucher code which your prospective employer or yourself, can choose to redeem, entitling you to attend any ITIL® 4 certification course (foundation or upper-level) at the trade price of just the exam. We will inform the prospective employer of this offer because we know that such a certification can enhance your application and/or contribute to enhancing value in the workplace. Such voucher codes however, will only be issued once, meaning in the event the voucher code issued is redeemed we will not issue you with additional voucher codes in the event you may re register with us in the future.

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People Right.png
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