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Become an ITSM Assist Affiliate

Whilst an organisation can advertise and resell ITSM Assist’s ITIL® certification training products and services based on a commission arrangement, “resellers” cannot advertise and sell such products and services as their own. However, becoming an ITSM Assist affiliate does indeed allow organisations to advertise and sell these products and services as their own.

Becoming an ITSM Assist affiliate provides the perfect solution for those organisations who want to provide ITIL certification training branded as their own, but do not want to fully engage in becoming an accredited training organisation (ATO).


The benefits?


  • You will be able to promote, advertise, sell and provide accredited ITIL certification training with your own branding without becoming an ATO, and without the cost of ownership of employing an accredited ITIL trainer.


  • You will be able to use the ITIL logo’s when marketing and advertising just like an ATO.


  • You will be able to increase revenue and profit, and/or add credibility to your own product and service portfolio, and/or enhance market presence.


  • The costs are significantly less compared with those associated with becoming an ATO.


  • The required training materials will be provided and maintained by ITSM Assist as the ATO, and branded entirely as your own, thus removing the time and resources needed to produce and maintain such materials.


  • You do not have to absorb the cost of ownership of employing an accredited ITIL trainer, such courses will be delivered by ITSM Assist on your behalf accordingly.


  • The annual assessment for affiliates by Peoplecert® is simpler compared to the complex assessments which ATO’s must qualify in order to retain their ATO status.



Why affiliate with ITSM Assist?


  • We deliver quality courses boasting an exceptionally high first-time student exam pass rate


  • In terms of credibility and peace of mind, see our 5-star Trustpilot reviews here

  • We provide online live, MP4-video self-paced eLearning and/or onsite (client site) course delivery methods.


  • We are a modern-thinking organisation promoting openness and flexibility

Contact us and we will get in touch with a view of arranging an initial online meeting.

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